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Bar & Restaurant

In a comfortable dining room of Hotel Europa in Cortina, the Cervo d’Oro Restaurant is famous for the skill of its chef Maurizio Aluotto and an extraordinary wine cellar with a selection of more than 300 wines from the best Italian and foreign wineries.

In Cortina, the Cervo d’Oro Restaurant serves the best Italian and Ampezzo cuisine, with impeccably set tables and savory dishes prepared using genuine, high-quality ingredients.

A day in Cortina is enhanced by a pleasant pause at the Cervo d’Oro Restaurant, an occasion for a welcome culinary adventure in the heart of the Dolomites and a pleasure that should not be passed up.

Hotel Europa has an intimate and relaxing Corner Bar where you can await the dinner hour or the start of an evening at the celebrated VIP Club, enjoying a good wine, a cocktail or a bottle of champagne.

Cervo d’Oro Restaurant

  • · Seats 200
  • · Inside dining room
  • · Special arrangements
  • · Lunch for groups
  • · Local and international cuisine
  • · Wine cellar

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